Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Cakey Nostalgia.

Earlier this week the 3rd year Illustrators held a cake sale to raise money for our auction and degree show.  The group baked an array of cakey goodness and we managed to raise a massive £147!  Not bad going but then again who can resist cake?  I'm a keen baker, so was happy to help out and I decided to make my mums spiced apple muffins.  These were always a hit at school fairs so I thought they would be perfect for this occasion.
You know how certain smells and tastes bring back memories, well the smell from baking these muffins took me right back to my mums kitchen.  I haven't had that kind of experience about my mum for such a long time.  It was such a strange but lovely feeling, even though I did well up a tad.
I was very happy with how mine turned out and I hope that whoever purchased one felt it was 80p well spent.

A happy bite of nostalgia, nom.

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