Monday, 10 January 2011

Illustrators Itch.

I've been itching to get creative and work on my new projects but sadly my dissertation beckons all of my attention at the moment.  So, I thought I'd pop on a final piece for a project I worked on last year.  We had to design promotional material for an independent retailer and I chose a local pub in the heart of Norwich.  The Birdcage is a gorgeous gem of a place with loads of character and bursting with tasty little beverages.  It's quirky and I wanted to echo this in my promo material.

Everyone I know plays and fiddles with beer mats, so I thought I would make beer mats that punters could interact with. Using the basic idea of an optical illusion by means of a thaumatrope I created these designs based on drawings I'd made whilst at the Birdcage ( I may have even indulged in a cupcake and a lovely tipple).  When printed and assembled the final piece had ribbon attached to the sides so that the beer mat could be spun to see the illusion.

I would match up an object and a cage in contrasting colours so that you could see the cupcake or cow for example when spun.

An example of a Thaumatrope.

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