Thursday, 6 January 2011

NUCA designs.

A selection of my best work from my previous unit.  Throughout the projects I explored colour and I love how certain tones and hues pop and play off each other.

These 3 collages were made during a morning exercise where we had to only use paper to create different landscapes.  Natural, Urban and another which had to include a character.  I didn't think much of them because it was only a workshop but apparently these stood out in my portfolio.  This is a certainly a direction I wish to head down.

The 2 images above are part of an alphabet brief where we had to create an alphabet out of  objects.  I like how everyday objects can be something else so I chose cooking utensils to form letters.  I stripped the shapes down and played with colour to create my cooking utensil alphabet.

This is a photo from my assessment.  It wasn't necessary to put anything on the walls but I wanted to show off my apron and tote bag.  Once the alphabet was formed we had to put it into context so I made merchandise for the Love Cooking Festival that took place around the country at the end of 2010.


  1. really strong stuff, can see the alphabet on the front of a cookery book or in on the wall of a restaurant (with taste) and the collages at the top are stunning

  2. Thanks Jack. You're my first comment! :D I really enjoyed making my alphabet. At first I thought basing it on cooking utensils would get a tad dull but playing around with different colour combinations kept me interested.

  3. I like how they're not too obvious and it takes a while with some of them to decipher which utensil they're from, and the colours link them together and make them far more interesting than the actual subjects.